About Us

Welcome to Learn By Play.  

we’re an Australian based business located in Thornlands, Queensland, and driven by me, Leah, a Mum of three; an education advocate, and children’s champions.

I’m also a lover of Montessori and Steiner/Waldorf approaches to raising children and celebrating learning and believe that in a world where we can support anything; I choose to support children to learn by play. 

I care deeply about the quality and sustainability of the products and resources I offer.  

And, whilst the future feels uncertain to us at times, I take heart in the thought that our children are the key ingredient in the recipe to save our earth.

But I know that we also need to support the earth until our children take over and that means I need to operate sustainably and ethically.

So, while I think our buying purpose and environmental footprint go hand in hand, I handpick the range we stock to reflect quality, sustainably manufactured and ethically sourced products and resources.  

The purpose of Learn By Play is inspired by Maria Montessori herself who said

within the child lies the fate of the future.

This sentiment feeds my role in Learn By Play which is to provide resources that inspire and equip parents and educators to have agency in children’s play-based learning to better all our futures.  

Why Choose Us

When you email or call us, you’re talking to the owners.  We are a smaller, home-based business and this allows us the opportunity to keep pricing low, as well as really understand who our customers are, and what they need.  Our customers are important to us and we go the extra mile to ensure the best customer service.

Having established a solid reputation built on honesty and integrity, Learn By Play offers their customers a genuinely fair experience.

We keep our costs as low as possible, to allow you to really get value for your money.

We don’t stock thousands of products, we hand-pick the ones we find unique and essential in any classroom.  We prefer to support local, and many of the products we stock are from homebased hobbiests/retirees that create beautiful toys and resources. 

Sustainability on Earth is of the upmost importance to us and we live our lives doing the best we can to protect the environment.  We work hard to find little treasures that will help instill the love of learning in your students/children.

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