Minimalist Parenting: Embracing Play-Based Learning in a Clutter-Free Environment

Cultivating Curiosity and Connection: Discover the transformative power of nature-based learning in early childhood education. From fostering physical development to nurturing environmental stewardship, embracing nature creates a world of wonder for young learners. Join us as we explore the benefits of nature-based education and inspire a lifelong love for the natural world.

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Papoose Toys and the Benefits of Small World Play 

As parents, we all want our children to have the best possible start in life. We want them to be happy, healthy, and well-rounded individuals. Small world play, in particular, is a type of play that has many benefits for children. And when it comes to small world play, Papoose Toys is a brand that stands out

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Why Parents (and Kids) Love Educational Toys

Here we’ll cover the different types of educational toys. Finding a good range of toys to help your child develop can be difficult and even teachers agree that “some toys are better than others when it comes to actually stimulating your child’s brain while also keeping them entertained.”

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History of the Steiner Rainbow – Stacking Toy!

We’ve all seen the Grimm’s Stacking Rainbow in Montessori, Waldorf and other homes around the world. I Iove the Stacking Rainbow, I love to see how my children use it. It’s bright and colourful and ours is often found on our nature table or simply on our work shelves. It is so popular and I understand why but I didn’t know it’s history until recently.

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How to Find the Right Educational Toy for your Child

If your kids are like mine, they pretty much want everything they see advertised on television. Barbie house? Want it. Flubber? Need it. Singing troll? Got to have it.

You, though, aren’t an ATM. There’s only so much money and you want to make sure you choose the right toys. Toys that will educate your kid, and toys that won’t be cast aside after just a few playdates.

Need a little help? Here are a few tips on how to find the right educational toy for your child

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