Dolls and figures give your toddler a way to act out the scenes he or she sees in everyday life. She can bathe, change, feed, and cuddle her baby doll mimicking the way you nurture her. He can build a home of blocks and a city and drive his mother or father figurine to work and safely explore the emotions of separation. If she has a sibling, she might act out real-life scenarios that are on her mind, working out things like how to cooperate and share beloved toys. He might practice empathy when caring for an injured or hungry animal figure.

It’s no wonder that child therapists frequently use dolls when working with young children. Sit back and watch your child play in these ways and you’ll be opening a new window into how she feels and how her thinking is developing. Psychology aside, dolls and figures allow your child to create whatever world he wants at that moment—no batteries required.

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