Bamboo Tongs

Bamboo Tongs

These beautifully handcrafted tongs are made from strong bamboo and serve as an excellent tool for loose parts play, helping to develop fine motor skills in children. The tongs also aid in strengthening children’s fingers, preparing them for tasks like holding a pencil and scissors as they progress through preschool and school age. The tongs measure 25cm in length.


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Through inspiration, design, and eco-friendly solutions, Bamboo Tongs creates value using natural, organic, and recyclable materials. Besides, Some of the natural resources we use include paper, bamboo, recycled and recyclable plastic, and more. In general, Our smooth and elegant finished products make the food you serve more enticing, all while preserving the environment.

Made from strong bamboo these beautiful handcrafted tongs are perfect for loose parts play and encouraging fine motor skills. Using tongs can strength children’s fingers in preparation for holding a pencil and scissors in preschool/school age. Measuring 25cm long


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