Grapat Perpetual Calendar

It contains 12 Nins® in 12 colors according to the Waldorf pedagogy, both to determine the month and its season of the year. 1 bowl of natural beech wood, two natural beech wood cubes with the numbers of the days printed, and a platform distributed in 4 sections that determine the seasons, stamped with the months of the year.
Recommended age: +12 months
Annual manipulative and active calendar that allows the child to touch the year and understand the passage of time through the experience.


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Twelve figures, twelve Nins® that with their colors invite us to look at them, admire them and touch them. And, by their form and presentation they indicate a circular order that brings us closer to the passage of time, days and months over a year.

The Nins®, arranged in a circle, remind us of those meetings that remain in our biological memory; Those ritual gatherings around a bonfire to chat, explain stories, talk about life and the world. They can also remind us of the universe, our solar system; our beloved planet Earth that orbits around the sun. And with this circle, we can describe, contemplate and understand life and all its movements. A circle that has no beginning or end, an infinite circle that rebuilds itself. Hence the perpetuity of this element


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