Junior Yahtzee Game

Junior Yahtzee Game

Tactile sudoku for the older kids learning maths, sequencing and the art of strategy.

This interactive game is based on the principles of the classic Sudoku, place the 16 wooden tokens on the grids according to the instructions given.

Reflection and logic are two skills needed to overcome the 40 challenges. There are 4 levels of difficulty.

Suitable for ages: 8+ years

Product is constructed from: Cardboard / Paper / Wood


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This colourful version of the famous game, Yahtzee, is a wonderful learn by play introduction to game boards and hand-eye coordination, as well as supporting fine motor skills.

This Djeco Yam’s Game is a colourful, animal-themed game of Yahtzee for younger children: each player takes turns rolling the five dice up to three times, trying to get 3 or more matching animals. Getting three matching animals allows them to place a token on the corresponding animal square. A player needs to either line up three completed tokens in a row on their board, or roll a 5 of a kind on the dice in one turn.

Fast & fun, this Djeco Yam’s Game is a great compact little game for taking with you when on the go, traveling or just out to dinner!

Players: 2-4 Players.

Time: 5 Minutes.

Aim of the game: Fill a row with 3 counters on your card or get a “Yamslam” (roll 5 identical animals in one go).

Suitable for ages: 4+ Years


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