Ladybug Lifecycle Puppet

Ladybug Lifecycle Puppet

Discover the magic of play-based learning with the Folkmanis® Ladybug Life Cycle puppet, a three-stage reversible wonder that’s as educational as it is entertaining. This whimsical soft toy brings ladybug metamorphosis to life, allowing children to explore the fascinating journey from egg to larvae to adult. By using zippers to navigate through each stage, kids can witness the natural world in action and foster their curiosity while having a blast. Perfect for little hands, these velvety puppets are built to withstand generations of play, ensuring that you’ll be passing down the joy of learning for years to come. Embrace the FUNdamentals of education with this extraordinary scientific toy!


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Play-based learning is FUNdamental with the three-stage reversible Folkmanis® Ladybug Life Cycle puppet. (See what we did there, an education pun)

This wonderful soft toy demonstrates ladybug metamorphosis from egg to larvae to adult. Utilize zippers to move thru the stages and watch the natural curiosity of kids bloom as they learn while playing with this extraordinary scientific toy.

Suitable for ages: With Little Hands

These puppets are velvety and will last generations, you’ll be teaching your classes children with these same puppets in many years to come, they’re that long-lasting.

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