Loose Parts Tray – Sensory Box

Loose Parts Tray – Sensory Box

Our 9 hole tray filled with 8 lots of naturally coloured rocks and 20 matching coloured felt balls of 3.5cm. Great for open ended play and addition to small world play set ups.

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Introducing our Loose Parts Tray of Natural Rocks and Items – a collection of sustainably sourced, all-natural, open-ended toys that showcase their innate beauty. These items, with their captivating colors and diverse shapes, are not only exquisite in their own right but also offer boundless possibilities for small world play setups. Whether your child is exploring their texture, constructing miniature landscapes, or simply marveling at their natural allure, these rocks are a versatile addition to foster creativity and imagination. Elevate playtime with the wonder of these natural treasures today!


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