My Botanical Press

My Botanical Press

Prepare for a delightful crafting experience with pressed flowers using this charming wooden flower press. This press includes paper sheets and secure metal screws at each corner, making it easy to assemble. Simply fill the pages with your favorite flowers and leaves, then gently press them down. This process results in beautifully preserved, flat, and dried flowers, perfect for various arts and crafts projects. It’s an ideal activity to enjoy during school holidays, inspiring treasure hunts outdoors to collect the perfect blooms for your creations.

Suitable for ages 3 years plus


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Have a lil botanist around? Want to learn by play and spark the conversation of the beauty of flora with a little learning?

Get ready to create some gorgeous crafts with pressed flowers. This lovely wooden press comes with paper sheets and metal screws at each corner. Fill the pages with flowers and leaves then press them down to create delicate flat and dried flowers ready to use for arts and crafts. A great activity during the school holidays to inspire a treasure hunt walks outside.

A few ways to use pressed flowers and leaves:

  • Cards and homemade paper
  • In candles
  • Decoupage canvas art
  • Decorative eggs at Easter
  • Framed art
  • Decoupage pressed flowers and leaves to ornaments or make your own from clay
  • Bath bombs
  • Botanical soaps
  • Gift tags and so much more.

Please see attached the pdf for a free coloring activity printable.

Suitable for ages: 3+ years

Additional information

Dimensions 26.5 × 21.5 × 2 cm

Long Neck, TurtleBlue, Tongue Lizard, Butterfly, Caterpillar, Green Tree Frog, Dragonfly, Lady Bug, Orb Spider, Paper Wasp, Green Lacewing, Praying Mantis, Earth Worm, Honey Bee, Blue-Banded Bee


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