Smart Car Set

Smart Car Set

Start teaching young ones about emerging technologies and the future of transport with these 3 electric smart cars and a charging unit. Each car has a little hole to plug in at the charging point. Offers the perfect opportunity to discuss the history of car technology and what changes are happening in the future. Ask your child what they think cars will be like in 20, 50 and 70 years’ time. Please note: Cars are not electrically powered. Inspired by real-life electronic cars. 

Suitable for ages: 18 months+

15cm x 8cm x 7cm


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Introducing the “Wooden Smart Car Play Set” – a captivating and engaging way to ignite your child’s curiosity about emerging technologies and the ever-evolving world of transportation and electronic vehicles.

This educational set features three electric smart cars and a charging unit, providing an ideal platform to introduce young minds to the concepts of clean energy and technological progress. Each car boasts a little hole at the charging point, allowing your child to mimic the process of powering up these futuristic vehicles.

While these cars are not electrically powered, they are inspired by real-life electronic cars, making them an exciting and authentic way to immerse your child in the world of sustainable transportation.

This “Future of Transport Educational Set” offers a unique opportunity to delve into the history of car technology, encouraging your child to explore the evolution of automobiles from their earliest beginnings to today’s cutting-edge electric and smart vehicles.

Furthermore, it invites your child to ponder the exciting possibilities of the future. With this smart car set, you can spark thoughtful conversations about what cars might be like in 20, 50, or even 70 years’ time. Encourage your child to dream, explore, and envision the innovative changes that await the transportation industry.

This educational set not only fosters an early interest in technology and transportation but also strengthens your child’s critical thinking and imagination. It’s a valuable tool to promote discussions about sustainable living and the importance of embracing eco-friendly practices.

Prepare your child for a journey of exploration into the future with this educational set. Order yours today and watch their minds light up with excitement as they engage in meaningful conversations about the world of transportation and the possibilities it holds.


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