Old Lady Who Swallowed Fly Puppet Set – 50% OFF


Introducing an enchanting collection of ethically made, handcrafted felt hand puppets. These eco-friendly toys inspire imaginative storytelling while supporting fair trade practices. Children will delight in the tale of the Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, brought to life with adorable puppets made by skilled artisans from Nepal. Sustainable, fun, and heartwarming play awaits!

The Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly Box 30x30cm

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Introducing an exquisite collection of ethically made handcrafted felt hand puppets that will captivate children and bring real-life animated storytelling to life! These beautiful puppets are handcrafted with care by skilled artisans, ensuring fair trade practices and supporting sustainable livelihoods for the talented individuals who create them.

Crafted using eco-friendly materials, these felt hand puppets not only inspire imagination but also nurture a sense of responsibility towards our planet. The felt used in their creation is sourced sustainably, making them a wonderful choice for environmentally conscious parents and caregivers.

The enchanting tale of the Lady Who Swallowed a Fly unfolds with these delightful puppets, featuring the lady herself accompanied by the adorable animals she swallows. As you recreate the story, children will be filled with wonder and giggles, witnessing the lady consuming increasingly larger animals in her quest to catch the original fly she swallowed!

These puppet pieces will not only entertain but also empower children to engage in storytelling while understanding the importance of fair trade and eco-friendly choices. With these timeless felt toys, countless enjoyable moments lie ahead as the classic tale comes to life in their hands.

The rhythm and repetition of the story will resonate with children, along with its simple yet engaging plot that blends familiarity, surprise, and action, building an exciting narrative with a satisfying conclusion. Each puppet’s creation is a testament to the dedication of the skilled artisans and their commitment to ethical craftsmanship.

Let these wool felt hand puppets, handmade by talented women from Nepal, add a touch of warmth, care, and sustainability to the joyous playtimes of children around the world.


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