The Wooden Lyrebird Stacker

The Wooden Lyrebird Stacker


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The wooden lyrebird stacker is an educational toy that teaches children about shapes, sorting and science. It also helps them develop fine motor skills.

The Lyrebird is an iconic Australian native bird. Its call is similar to a human whistle and has been used by Aboriginal people for many generations.

The Woodland Lyrebird is also known as the ‘Mimic Bird’, because it imitates other species such as frogs, insects, owls and kookaburras. In Australia, the Lyrebird lives in rainforests, wet eucalyptus forests and coastal areas.


  • 5 piece wooden toy set
  • Carved from Natural Beech Wood
  • Smooth, unusual edges for tactile play
  • Size: 8cm(H) 17.5cm(W) 5cm(D)


  • Promotes hand-eye coordination
  • Opportunity to talk about Australian animals
  • Increase concentration through play 
  • Practising spatial awareness
  • Improving shape recognition

Care Instructions:

Toys should not be submerged in water. Please use a damp cloth to wipe clean if required.



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