Three Toed Sloth Puppet

Three Toed Sloth Puppet

Meet our acclaimed Three-Toed Sloth Puppet, winner of the 2019 Parents’ Choice Gold Award. This tranquil mammal puppet features a furry coat that becomes a canvas for delicate algae growth, adding natural allure. Known for its harmless nature and slow movement, this sloth is a great tool for conversations about preserving forest habitat. With magnetic hands and feet and a moveable mouth, this puppet offers interactive and engaging fun for all ages.




Introducing our award-winning Three-Toed Sloth Puppet, a delightful addition to any puppet collection. This charming mammal puppet is celebrated for its tranquil demeanor, reflecting the sloth’s reputation for slow, deliberate movements. Its furry coat is so still that it becomes a canvas for delicate algae growth, adding a touch of natural allure that fascinates children and adults alike. Winner of the prestigious 2019 Parents’ Choice Gold Award, this puppet is not only entertaining but also educational, making it an ideal tool for conversations about preserving forest habitats. The sloth’s harmless nature and slow movement make it a beloved character, perfect for imaginative play and storytelling. This puppet features magnetic hands and feet, along with a moveable mouth, allowing for interactive and engaging performances that bring the sloth’s unique behavior to life.


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