Tree Trio – Wooden and Felt Tree Set

Tree Trio – Wooden and Felt Tree Set

Introducing our Earth Tree Set – a captivating addition to your play space! 🌳✨ This set of three trees, featuring a soft smoky gray felt top and natural wooden base, comes in sizes ranging from 11 to 21cm. Each tree trunk, crafted from real wood, carries its own unique charm, showcasing natural cracks that we lovingly refer to as “sideways smiles.” Embrace the beauty of imperfection and spark imaginative play for children in any setting. 🌿🌍 Explore the Earth Tree Set today and invite endless stories and creativity into your world!Β 


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Welcome to our captivating collection that forms an essential cornerstone for any small world open play environment, fostering imagination and storytelling in both home and classroom settings. With a minimalist design featuring a soft, smoky gray felt top and a base crafted from natural wood, this set of three comes in varying sizes, ranging from 11 to 21cm, accommodating diverse exploratory play scenarios.Β 

Inspired by renowned educational philosophies, this Earth Tree Set offers more than just aesthetic charm – it provides developmental advantages that resonate with these celebrated approaches. Through tactile interactions with the soft felt and the trees of different sizes, children can delve into the concept of scale and proportions.Β 

Each tree trunk, sculpted from authentic wood, encapsulates the uniqueness cherished in these educational philosophies. Wood, a living material, responds to environmental changes, leading to the emergence of natural cracks along its lines. These organic growth patterns embody the spirit of these educational methods.Β 

Embrace any fissures in the wooden base as endearing features rather than flaws. The creator of these exquisite pieces playfully refers to these cracks as the tree’s sideways smile, instilling an aura of acceptance and delight.Β 

Elevate your play space with the Earth Tree Set – where the realms of imagination and artistry intertwine harmoniously, enriching explorative play in children’s lives.Β 


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