Small World Play; Cranes, Trains & Automobiles


With a bit of imagination, play on a miniature scale can support children’s development across many skills sets

Our Small World Play category celebrates the little, miniature, and interactive materials children need for any small world play session. Think Dino Land, Swamp, Urban City or Woodland… each of these scenarios opens an endless possibility for children to learn and master different skills by play 

In a child’s small world… the possibilities are endless

One of the most beneficial aspects of small world play is its ability to help children learn by play 

  • Numeracy via sorting and grouping
  • Story-telling skills and expanding language use
  • Learning cause and effect in a safe environment
  • Developing concentration and independent play 


Numeracy skills

Different sizes and colours of materials opens the opportunity for grouping or sorting items


Language and vocabulary 

Children are able to find new words and learn using them in context. Expanding their vocabulary by experiencing new scenarios 

Physical science 

Opportunities to investigate their surroundings by observing, questioning and exploring 

Undertaking simple experiments with magnets, sound and gravity


Transport material for learning about the history of transportation and engineering  

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